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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sporadic posting

When this blog began, I posted nearly every day. You know how it is when you first discover something new and exciting. It can be addicting and you sometimes find yourself planning for your next event before the previous one is barely over. I still find myself looking forward to posting. The difference is that I have other things going on in my life that require time and attention. The blog will not be forgotten, but expect sporadic posting.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Babies are precious, especially in that 6-9 month range. While I was at the pediatrician's office with Supersport the other day, I watched many babies come and go. Some were cuddled against their parents. Others relaxed in their turbo strollers. A few cried from inside the immunization station. All of them were adorable.

I feel as if I'm surrounded by babies and baby news lately. I've been to 2 baby showers in the last few weeks. Today I found out that a former student teacher is expecting her first baby. It seems odd to have so many people around me having babies when my own baby is closing in on adulthood. Yes, I'm getting a bit misty here. I guess I'm seeing the signs that my life is moving on and it feels strange.

Have you been faced with any interesting signs lately?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


No matter the day, there is always paperwork to do. Today I completed forms at the doctor's office for my son's physical, filled out some personal information for an insurance quote, and then worked on some more forms for my son's school. I even made a grocery list, crossed off the things I purchased, and then made a new list of the remaining items still to be bought from Costco. Apparently I am my own secretary. I think I should give myself a raise as a reward for all of this hard work. Let's see, do I have a form for that?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

DVD rentals

We are Netflix subscribers, so there is always something to watch on DVD at our house. Over the last few days we've seen two good movies, Glory Road and Eight Below. Interestingly, both are Disney films that celebrate characters who overcome an amazing obstacle. The formula is similar to that of Remember the Titans and, since it works, Disney seems to be sticking to it. I loved both movies for their ability to tug at my heartstrings and make me cheer for the underdogs (no pun intended there). They are a bit predictable, but they are refreshingly absent of gratuitous swearing and sex and still manage to hold the viewer's attention. Two thumbs up for each of them.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Feel that breeze?

I am happy. The leaves and branches are moving because there is finally a breeze here. Ahhhhh. The extreme heat of the past two weeks has given way to more humane temperatures and a light breeze. We might even be able to open the windows tonight! Wahoo!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Hair is BIG business. People spend a lot of money on products and services for their hair. Just yesterday I had my hair colored, highlighted, and cut. The cost for such basics varies from salon to salon. I have a hard time spending over $100 on my hair, and that's how much most salons charge for my hair length and weave. I have to go back for touch-ups and new color every few months, so that adds up to a LOT of money. Recently I've started going to the local beauty college for these services. Yes, they are students so it takes a little longer. They need people like me so that they can practice their skills, and I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the "young people" on the floor. And so I go, a willing volunteer for the eager students. Best of all, my hair looks great!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday's Big Brother episode

Whoa. Tonight was one of the most compelling episodes of Big Brother yet.

**SPOILER ALERT** - Don't read further if you haven't yet seen this episode and still plan to do so.

I'm not quite sure where to start with tonight's shenanigans. George was obviously a little upset that James nominated him. I'd go so far as to say that James may have something to worry about now that George won the veto competition. How could that be? I have my suspicions that BB chose this particular veto challenge to give George a chance to stay in the game. Regardless, George proved himself to be desperate enough to stay in the game that he shaved his head, gave up the ability to compete in a future veto competition, died himself blue, and will eat slop for the remainder of his time in the house. Impressive? Well, I'm not sure that's the right word for it. He does have a lot of heart and desire and that says something. Poor Kaysar gave up next week's veto competition AND shaved his head, much to the dismay of Marcellas, and still didn't get the veto because he was only willing to eat slop for two weeks, not two months. James should remember Kaysar's allegiance to the alliance.

The truly shocking bits came after the POV competition. Kaysar told Jase that he would be the replacement nominee for veto winner/nominee George. Jase came unglued! He threw things, cursed, and called people all kinds of names. He has been playing both of the main alliances against each other, but somehow overlooked that in his defense. Jase also threw poor Marcellas "under the bus," accusing Marcellas of sharing information with both sides when Marcellas, if truth be told, has clearly sealed his fate along with that of Janelle and the rest of the Season Six alliance. The heated exchange between the houseguests outside while George prepared for his veto meeting was one for the books, with smarmy Will smiling and eating a sandwich while enjoying the show. Jase was mad, but he didn't do himself any favors by blowing up, thus ruining an opportunity to negotiate with James one last time. If the Season Six group doesn't recognize James as a true part of their alliance after this (they convinced him to nominate Jase), they deserve to fall apart at the seams.

The icing on the cake HAD to be Will. His speech during the veto ceremony was almost more than I could stand. He challenged the houseguests to throw him out, and has predicted that they probably won't. He likely will live through yet another eviction and will likely get one week closer to the money and the win AGAIN. His threats to throw competitions may or may not be true. Danielle won't eat slop AKA "the devil's oatmeal," so I'm sure she'll consider voting Will right out the door. I enjoy Will's diary room bits. He is hysterical and makes astute observations about people, but he is also a little mean and sometimes stirs the pot just a little too much. I'm hopeful that he will, in fact, be evicted. If he is the one to leave, James and the rest of Season Six had better continue winning HOH and POV competitions. Jase will come out of this with a score to settle. Yikes!

Howie, I hope we continue seeing our favorite Jedi for weeks to come. You make me laugh!

Task of the day

Avoidance is the name of the game this morning. I MUST address the issue of my desk and our shared family office before a haz-mat team is called in to save us. Piles of papers, office supplies, books, notepads, stationery...the list goes on and on. I WILL get to my desk today, after I have gone on my errands, visited my parents, cooked an amazing six course meal, and write the solution to world peace. Well, maybe I'll just do the first two things on my list and THEN I will tackle my desk...