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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Current read

I confess...I am a reality show junkie. I don't watch every reality show on TV, but I do have some favorites: Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother (some seasons), Hell's Kitchen, Blow Out, Project Runway, Top Chef, Take Home Chef, House Hunters, and the new one called Treasure Hunters. When I read a review of this book in a magazine recently, I knew I had to put this on my summer reading list; Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst.

The premise: Several teams of two people are competing in a race/treasure hunt around the world similar to Amazing Race with elements of Survivor and Treasure Hunters thrown in. The teams each have a pre-existing relationship similar to AR, such as mother/daughter, friends, and married couple. As the competition intensifies, so do the latent and surface issues between the pairs.

Carolyn Parkhurst has chosen to tell the story from the pov of each of the contestants, moving the story along by alternating narrators for each chapter. This works well in conveying the true feelings of each of the characters toward their partners, the game, and their lives in general. Abby's vulnerability and Cassie's teenage "whatever" are two of the more powerful voices in the story so far (I've read about 25% of the book as of this writing.).

It's funny, poignant, and an easy summer read.

And now, back to my book.


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