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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Farmer's Market

Another Saturday morning, another farmer's market...

Actually, I don't get to the farmer's market as often as I would like. The closest one to me is held every Saturday morning, a time during which I'm often cleaning my house or at a game with my family. When I do get to go, I LOVE just meandering past the stalls, browsing the sellers' goods and enjoying the conversations between shoppers and sellers. Taking in the intoxicating scent at the lavender stall is a highlight every time.

Sometimes there are little surprises at the farmer's market. On this trip, several of the sellers had, gasp, moved from their usual spaces. This change of layout prompted me to take an extra lap around the stalls to make sure that I hadn't missed anything. Being a creature of habit, little things like this sometimes throw me, but I managed to locate nearly everything I was looking for, and even a few impulse buys. ;o)

Samples are everywhere at the farmer's market. "Would you like a peach slice? Only $1 per pound for these juice beauties!" "Come on over for a blueberry sample!" "Delicious cheeses ready for tasting right here!" "Wouldn't you love a muffin sample to go along with your morning coffee?" It's a virtual buffet that improves upon the Costco version because everything is so fresh and ready to eat. Yum!


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