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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sizzling Sacramento Summers

Sacramento is a great place to live from October through May. June through September, however, is an endurance test for those of us brave enough to live here. Having met my Sacramento-native husband while in college in Davis, we were destined (doomed?) to set up house in this area. The intense heat does not sit well with me, so I spend most of my summer days in the shade or in the air conditioning for my survival.

My husband and son would slightly disagree with me. They love the hot, sunny days by the pool. Two rivers and a lake are only minutes away, those being the driving force behind the purchase of a new runabout boat last week. What better way for them to enjoy the summer heat than on one of the many waterways sprinkled throughout the city? (photo courtesy of County of Sacramento)

Supersport, my 15 year old son, is currently doing three sports: football every afternoon, baseball 3-4 evenings per week, and ice hockey on the weekends. He loves all three, and the two outdoor sports don't even bother him in the summer. In fact, I think he loved playing his baseball game in yesterday's 104 degree heat. (For the record, my current favorite of his three sports is ice hockey because it comes with MAJOR air conditioning...I even have to wear a jacket inside!) Is it any wonder that his favorite beverage is Gatorade Frost?

As for me, I will plan my day around the heat: Costco run before noon, continued indoor chores throughout the afternoon, dipping my toes in the pool after the sun goes down at 8:30, reading in my climate-controlled living room through the evening. Mantra of the day: hydrate!


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