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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tea Time

Tea houses are so much fun! I'm not a particularly "girlie girl," but I do enjoy a full afternoon tea with friends. There's something so intimate and special about being in a setting with delicate china and beautiful table linens. I love it!

Today I had afternoon tea with one of my dear friends. She had never been to a tea house before. It was lovely being there with her as she was experiencing a full tea for the first time. After we ordered our pots of tea, we were invited to look around at the displays in order to select the perfect teacup and saucer for each of us. It's nice to have an interactive feature to a dining experience. :o) The server also invited us to borrow one of the many hats, shawls, or beads from the bureaus and hatstands in the back of the room. While we opted to go hatless, we were charmed by a blonde preschooler who helped her mother and grandmother select the perfect accessories for their tea.

We chatted about our family and other news while we enjoyed the most amazing scones I've had this side of the Atlantic. Topped with Devonshire cream, these were easily the highlight of the tea. We nibbled on some delicious finger sandwiches and a small salad that were refreshing on this rather stifling day. The desserts were well worth the wait - lemon bars, trifle, & chocolate-dipped strawberries. Spectacular!

The menu was wonderful, the conversation sincere, and the setting idyllic. It was a wonderful afternoon. And I didn't even think about that packing I'm supposed to be doing...


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